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Travel Destinations – The Sandwich Edition 

When discovering new countries, we tend to pack our days with so many site visits that we forget to allocate time for meals. As we begin to feel the first signs of “hanger”, we quickly grab anything in site to tame the beast. Since nothing spells lunch on the go like a good sandwich, why not plan a trip to a destination that will surely satisfy your tastebuds AND respect your touring timeline? Below are our top sandwich worthy travel destinations. 


Whether you’ve just stepped out of a tango lesson or are coming back from a day at the beach, you will surely be happy to grab a Choripán at the local food stand.  Affectionately called the Chori, this street food is essentially a sausage made of beef and pork, cooked on a grill, and served between two pieces of bread. You can opt for its upgraded version, the Lomito, featuring the famous beef Argentina is renowned for. 

If you’re looking for something lighter, you can stop at any bakery in the country for the extremely popular Sandwich de Miga. What makes this sandwich special is the very thin, white bread that is used to make it. It resembles the English cucumber sandwich and can be served in single, double, or multiple layers.  The filling varies and can include thinly sliced cold cuts, hard boiled eggs, cheese, tomato, bell pepper, tuna, lettuce, butter and mayonnaise. Are you feeling the rumble in your tummy yet? 

The United States of America

Nothing says sandwich like the United States of America. This destination has so many famous sandwiches to choose from, that we decided to narrow them down by city of origin. 

Starting with the most visited city in the US, New York is known for its signature Pastrami on Rye, a staple of many Jewish delis. Accompanied by a kosher dill pickle, this simple sandwich consists of sliced pastrami, made from beef cured in brine and coated with a mix of spices, placed on rye bread, topped with mustard and (sometimes) sauerkraut. 

When hunger comes knocking in the city of the Declaration of Independence, you turn to the classic Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich. Consisting of thinly sliced pieces of steak and melting cheese on a toasty hoagie roll. This Philadelphian icon was invented in what is considered an institution in this city: Pat’s King of Steaks.

Chicago is next on our list with its famous Italian Beef Sandwich. Layers of roast beef in a dense and chewy Italian-style roll, topped with either pickled giardiniera relish or roasted green bell peppers, this sandwich can be dipped or soaked in a delicious gravy. Although the origins of this sandwich are quite murky, many believe it was invented at the start of World War II by the owner of Al’s Beef Restaurant.

The Po’Boy (New Orleans), Chicken Sandwich (California) and Lobster Roll (Maine) are other examples of famous sandwiches that will make your mouth water and satisfy any hungry traveler. One thing is for sure, you will not run out of options when visiting the United States.


Baguette hamd and cheese on wooden table

When we close our eyes and imagine ourselves in France enjoying food, there is most likely a baguette in that picture. Whether it’s a Jambon Beurre with its simple three ingredients (baguette, butter and ham) or the famous Saucisson Sec, a favorite late-night promenade snack, sandwich lovers never tire of that crusty golden-brown loaf found in virtually every bakery in France. However, your sandwich adventure in France does not have to end with these suggestions. Why not sample the Croque Madame, Pan Bagnat or Croissant Jambon Fromage? Surely, you will need the carbs to keep up with your tour guide.

Until next time, travel safely!

By: Nadine Ishak