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Top 10 Foods to Eat on a Trip to Italy

Food is the second language of Italy and travellers are definitely in for a culinary treat! There’s a sweet and savoury something for every palate on this must have food list.

Homemade pasta

Pasta tastes different in Italy. Pasta tastes better in Italy. Try a cooking class and learn the art of pasta making then eat your creations! 


A trip to Italy wouldn’t be complete without a wood oven fired pizza. Crispy on the edges, with fresh toppings. Delicious!


Gelato is Italian ice cream. The recipe differs slightly from traditional ice cream in that the custard base is made with more milk than cream resulting in a softer texture packed with flavour. For a traditional flavor try stracciatella (chocolate chip) or gianduja (chocolate hazelnut).


A refreshing dessert similar to sorbet or sherbet. Granita is usually made with citrus fruits and is very popular on the Amalfi Coast where citrus grows in abundance. 

Fresh mozzarella

There are so many kinds of cheese in Italy it may be overwhelming at first. Fresh mozzarella is very popular and is often served in a caprese salad with basil and tomatoes. A perfect meal or appetizer any time of the day. 

Tomatoes from the garden

Culinary tours are very popular in Italy and will often take you through vineyards and lush gardens. Cherry tomatoes are sweet and make a perfect snack with a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkling of salt. It’s not uncommon to see locals eat tomatoes like apples! 


A creamy, savoury, delicious dish. Risotto is made in all regions of Italy but the flavours will vary from place to place. Some classics include mushroom risotto, asparagus or tomato. Try them all and pick a favourite! 


Ricotta cannolis are a signature dessert for all Italians. A crispy cookie shell is stuffed with sweet ricotta for a perfect bite of sweetness.


Coffee fans will love this dessert! A layered no-bake cake made with coffee, mascarpone, lady finger cookies and cocoa. A surprisingly light dessert with bold flavour.


Italy is one of many countries known for its coffee. Café’s line every street and are always bustling. Try an espresso or cappuccino with a biscotti for a classic Italian breakfast. Quick tip: Sitting at a table in a café to have your coffee will cost more than sitting at the bar. Standing is free and is common among locals.