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10 Apps Every Traveller Should Download

Technology can be your best friend at when planning a trip and when exploring a new destination. These days there is literally an app for everything! Whether its city maps, restaurant recommendations or translations, we’re here to help you sort through all your mobile device has to offer with our list of 10 apps every traveller should download.

10 apps every traveller should download


This is a great app for those with a long layover looking for a place to relax, without breaking the bank. Or maybe you’ve arrived way too early for your flight and have some time to kill. LoungeBuddy tells you which lounges you can access at any airport! This saves the hassle (and embarrassment) of having to ask staff if they’ll let you in. Also, you’d be surprised to know that some lounges are actually free, while others offer a reduced-rate day pass for first-timers!


This is for our last-minute, spontaneous travellers who book their accommodation for that same evening. Even if you’re booking up to a week in advance, it’s worth checking out this app. It’s incredibly easy to use and most room options will come with client reviews and photos. Even if you’re a very type A, organized traveller, it may be worth downloading if ever you’re in a bind!


This may be my favourite app of all time! Not just travel-related, but especially useful if you’re a wine lover. Have you ever been on vacation, had a delicious bottle of wine with dinner and told yourself you’d write it down so you can find it back home? And how many times did you forget to write it down? Well, with Vivino that won’t ever happen again. This app is the Shazam of wines! It even offers food pairings so your wine will never be lonely!


Similar to OpenTable or Resy, TheFork allows users to browse different restaurant categories and make a reservation. This is widely used in Europe and is a great resource when looking for new restaurant inspiration or for scoring a highly sought-after reservation! Better yet, some reservations come with a discount just for booking through the app. 


If you’re into nature and fitness, then you need to download AllTrails! This app provides you with the area’s best hiking, running and biking spots. Users can rate the trails in terms of difficulty, length, accessibility and so on. A lot of people also upload photos to the app so you know ahead of time how “worth it” your trek will be. You can even use this in your city to discover new trails!


Of course, Google Maps is a great transportation app. But CityMapper is unmatched in the sense that it shows you virtually all methods of transportation possible! Subway, tram, bus, bike, scooter — you name it! It even tells you which part of the train you should board/exit to make your trip even more efficient. Combined with the fact that you can download routes offline? You’ll never get lost abroad again!

Google Photos

If you’re like me and are constantly running out of phone storage, then getting a photo storing app like Google Photos is non-negotiable! It does automatic backups to ensure nothing gets lost, and it’s able to identify people and objects that way it’s super easy to search existing albums. Honestly, a must-have!


Any language/translation app is especially useful when travelling, not to mention respectful of the local culture. I especially like Duolingo because it’s efficient and can be personalized. You don’t need to learn how to say “apple” in Italian before being able to say “May I have the bill please?” Also, the modules are rather short in length so if you only have 10 minutes that day, you can still get a few lessons in!

Trail Wallet

This app is an expense tracker, specifically for travel. While it’s no longer actively maintained by the developers, it remains one of the best tracking apps on the market! You can choose to budget by trip or by month, and once you’ve set your daily budget, it is super easy to update. It’s also visually appealing, which is nice to see when dealing with something as dull as expenses!


Last, but not least, Justfly! This app is a must-have on your phone year-round. You can check flights, hotels and even car deals! Even better, a COVID-19 map has been developed so that you can check with a single tap all the information you need regarding safe travels. They’ll tell you exactly what you need in terms of documentation, required vaccinations and quarantine regulations. Everything you need to travel safely and with the best deals! Sounds like a win-win!

Written by: Sacha Vincent-Toskin