Self-Love in the Season of Love

During this Season of Love, it is important to give ourselves as much as we give others. While we aren’t suggesting that you boycott spending Valentine’s Day with your partner, we are insisting that you take yourself out as well! Here are some ideas to promote self-love and help you embrace all your inner awesome.

Take Yourself on a Date


It’s no secret that planning dates for those we care about can sometimes involve hours of work. Between tracking down the right venue, finding exciting activities and thinking about our partner’s preferences, date nights can become quite stressful. And while the date itself should foster intimacy and a sense of connection, the planning process can do the same.

Ultimately, it communicates that we care. And at the end of the day, isn’t that what it’s all about? With that being said, even though we may carve out time to prepare this kind of thoughtful planning for others, we don’t always apply this same care for ourselves. Thus, the first challenge for “Self Love in the Season of Love” is to take yourself out on a date! This can be an activity you’ve always wanted to try, or visiting a restaurant that has always felt special.

For those on a budget, a date can also look like a picnic on your living room floor with a few candles and throw pillows. By preparing a special evening for ourselves, we are making a conscious effort to honour and connect with our desires and joy.

Self-Care Day

Self-care can work wonders for the body, mind and spirit—it’s a cliché for a reason. In the media, self-care is usually marketed as a physical beauty or wellness routine. And while this can be a fundamentally valid and healing self-care ritual, it is important to understand that self-care doesn’t need to be associated with a routine of any kind. It has many manifestations, and we most likely experience it on a daily basis without trying.

This kind of personal care can arise when we set a boundary with someone, or ourselves. It is present when we prioritize balance and what we need. And while we can do this unknowingly, our second challenge for the season of love, is to mindfully make decisions that reflect our self-care. Whether it’s an elaborate nighttime routine, or practicing self-compassion, doing this is a powerful act of self-love! These actions may seem minute at the time, but they can become habits that improve our quality of love and life!

Invest in a Hobby

In the fast-paced world we live in, making consistent time for ourselves and our passions can feel like a limited luxury. However, in order to progress and experience the satisfaction of consistent effort, making time for this is necessary. If you find yourself struggling to launch a project, or explore a certain hobby or interest, do it now. If it really isn’t feasible at this time, create a plan that will help make it possible. Whether this involves creating a new budget, re-working your schedule or creating a vision board, these steps are important. They can give us hope, foster accountability and force us to show up for ourselves in the ways that count!

Move your Body


While living in an era of online work and school, many of us have had less opportunities to move our bodies and get outside. This can have a serious impact on our mental health, self-love and grounding practices. A key challenge then, for this season of love, is to try and move your body every day. Whether this looks like going for a walk, using at-home exercise videos or doing gentle chair yoga, making this a priority is essential for a successful self-care practice!

Book a Mini-Staycation

Self-Love in the Season of Love

Last but not least, book a mini staycation or be a tourist in your hometown for the day. Sometimes, taking a moment to breathe, away from our everyday living space can give us a new perspective about our experiences. Whether its a couple nights a luxurious hotel downtown or a weekend at a serene cottage, changing your physical surrounds has a huge impact on your overall mindset. This can also help spark a new excitement for the city we live in, and lead us to explore new areas we’ve never seen.

By: Briahna McTigue

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