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The Best Crystals for Travellers

The phenomenon of crystals has been taking over in the past few years and more and more people are finding themselves open to their mysterious and mystical powers. There are virtually thousands of crystals and stones that you can take with you on a trip and it can be pretty overwhelming to navigate crystal stores, especially as someone new to the topic. Don’t worry we’ve narrowed it down for you and made it super easy. So if you’re feeling nervous to fly, or feel like you need an extra kick of positivity, take one, some, or all of these crystals with you on your next trip. These picks for the best crystals for travellers are like portable good luck charms and can help you feel your best while venturing across the globe.

The Best Crystals for Travellers

Rainbow Moonstone

Moonstone is often referred to as the traveller’s stone. It has great protection properties, especially when travelling across bodies of water. Although the stone is black and white, the rainbow comes out when held to the light and brings positivity and uplifts those who carry it. This stone is particularly great for female travellers as it’s also known as the stone of divine feminine energy. It helps you harness your inner goddess and lead with confidence. Moonstone is believed to bring good fortune and grant wishes making it a great overall stone for an abundance of positive vibes!


Shungite is a unique stone known for neutralizing electromagnetic energy. This is a great travel stone considering how much we rely on our phones or if you’re a business traveller using a laptop. Shungite is a carbon-filled stone that allows it to absorb electromagnetic energy, meaning that energy doesn’t attach to you and you can keep your personal energy field clear and balanced. It’s also a great stone for grounding and protection overall. 


Malachite is said to be the travellers’ guardian. Ancient folklore says that if danger is near, the stone will warn you by breaking into pieces. This is a great stone to help you overcome fear and soothe nerves. It’s also an energizing and uplifting stone, making it great to help fight jet lag. 


Amethyst is a great multi-purpose powerhouse of a crystal. It’s the ultimate stone for easing anxiety and stress, which are feelings that can frequently arise when travelling. Amethyst is also good for both physical and psychic protection. If you have trouble sleeping, whether on a plane or in a hotel, keep a piece under your pillow to soothe your mind, promote restfulness and help you feel refreshed in the morning.


Hematite is another stone to add to your travel kit. It’s most known for its grounding properties. It also helps to alleviate stress and encourage strength during times of uneasiness. If you’re a particularly anxious traveller, definitely use the combination of amethyst and hematite. You can carry them with you wherever you go to harness their soothing properties throughout the day. 

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is what I like to call the base crystal. If you’re just starting to get into crystals this should be the first you pick up. It’s an excellent crystal because it amplifies energies and helps channel power. This means that if you pair it with other crystals, said crystal will become that much more powerful. It is also great for promoting the movement of positive energy and clearing your mind. You can keep quartz in your suitcase or carry it with you to infuse positivity into your day-to-day. 


Citrine is one of my favourite crystals because it has so many wonderful properties. Like clear quartz, it helps to enhance the energies of surrounding crystals so you can really amp up those healing properties. Another great stone if you’re a solo traveller as it will help you feel confident and sure of yourself. Citrine is most known as the stone of abundance. It brings prosperity, good fortune and joy. 

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