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Iconic Desserts Around the World Part 2

While some travellers organize their schedules around historical and cultural tours, others take to the Zagat guide. Although there is much to learn from the former, any true foodie can attest to the fact that each country’s staple ingredients, spices, tools and recipes tell a story!

With that in mind, we created a second mini-travel guide for those that unabashedly chase their taste buds around the world. The first part of this series brought us through a buffet of delectable Italian, Portuguese and Japanese delicacies. We hope that iconic desserts around the world part 2 leaves you feeling just as inspired and just as hungry!


From deep fried to frozen, Mexico has certainly perfected the art of dessert. With something to satiate every sweet tooth, even the pickiest eaters will enjoy this mini food tour! Starting with the classic, fresas con crema. This seemingly simple no-bake delicacy is a crowd favorite on a warm summer day.

Appropriately named, this dessert is made with only two simple components: strawberries and cream. The cream sauce is made by combining evaporated milk, heavy cream, sweetened condensed milk, vanilla and sour cream, which is then spooned over fresh or frozen strawberries. To help beat the heat, paletas are also beloved here. These frozen treats are typically made from fresh fruit and natural ingredients, so having them for breakfast feels completely justifiable!

On the other hand, coyotas and churros are also very popular. While churros have become popularized across the globe, coyotas are hidden gems of Mexican cuisine. These are empanada-shaped cookies made with cinnamon and brown sugar-infused dough. They are also stuffed with a sweet brown sugar filling, making them doughy and absolutely divine!

Iconic Desserts Around the World


While eating the heavenly combination of greek yogurt, honey and walnuts are very common in Greece, the country has a large variety of sweets for travelers to enjoy! For example, the traditional galaktoboureko—a dessert made with layers of crispy golden phyllo and creamy custard—is the epitome of a Grecian delicacy. To come full circle, order this dessert after indulging in a plate of Spanakopita!

If you’re looking for something a little tamer, consider trying the classic Greek biscuit, koulourakia ladiou. This mild dessert is made with greek olive oil and can be enjoyed as a snack while strolling through the winding passageways of Santorini. In that same vein, greek honey sesame bars, or pasteli, are also mild desserts that are perfect for savoring the beauty of simple, local ingredients.

Iconic Desserts Around the World


While Romania attracts tourists with tours of Bran castle and stories of Count Dracula, the cuisine certainly encourages travelers to stay… and the desserts are no exception! Overall, Romanian desserts are doughy, sweet and comforting. For example, a traditional sweetened loaf called cozonac is served during the Christmas and Easter holidays. The dough is typically flavored with orange and lemon zest and the filling is typically made from almonds, walnuts, cocoa and orange extract.

Lastly, papanasi—or Romanian cheese doughnuts—is another crowd favorite! The flavour profile of this dessert is both sweet and savory, as the fried pastry is traditionally paired with sour cream and a sour jam topping.

We hope that these recipes have inspired your hunger for travel and all things dessert-related! And if you are currently homebound, try making some of these sweets from the comfort of your own home. After all, cooking is the best way to travel without ever leaving the kitchen!

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By: Briahna McTigue

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