The Benefits of Booking a Hostel

When the time comes to book accommodations abroad, hostels aren’t always at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Due to concerns about cleanliness, safety and privacy, some travelers prefer hotel rooms and Airbnb bookings over staying in communal rooms. However, this can come at a cost that is far too steep for many travelers. With these accommodations, some may be required to make compromises when it comes to the length of their trip or the activities they can partake in. Although this is a reasonable trade for many tourists, we wanted to outline some of the many benefits that come with booking a hostel!

Saving Money

One of the biggest benefits of staying in a hostel is the amount of money that you save. Whether you’re booking a dorm room (sometimes as low as $12 a night!) or a private room with a shared common space, many hostels go the extra mile to keep their guests feeling comfortable and satisfied. For example, it’s not entirely uncommon for hostels to rent out free gear to travelers staying on their property. Whether they rent out surfboards, bikes or lifejackets, this can save a lot of money in the long run.

Some hostels also go the extra mile to provide some provisions for their guests, like a continental breakfast and snack bar. In certain instances, hostels have also been known to offer free lodging to guests that pick up shifts at the building while they’re there.

Booking a Hostel

Free Group Activities

To further set themselves apart, many hostels throw weekly parties or host events to bring guests and locals together. Whether a casual movie night in the hostel’s shared living space, or a bonfire party at the beach, these gatherings are great opportunities to save money and meet new people. This is an invaluable part of the hostel experience, and places that host these kinds of events typically receive higher ratings!

Sometimes, hostel staff members are encouraged to take the guests through a guided tour of the town they’re visiting. This is really helpful too, as travelers get to learn the local spots.

Booking a Hostel

Meeting New Friends

Meeting friends is undoubtedly the most rewarding part of the hostel experience. Especially when traveling abroad on a solo trip, having the opportunity to meet other travelers can increase our confidence. It can also allow us to build a sense of community for ourselves away from home, and it can introduce us to cultures and customs that we may not have come across otherwise.

Booking a Hostel

Building Connections Worldwide

Finally, this speaks to the lasting impacts that making friends abroad can inspire. Once we leave the hostel and return home, having this reservoir of adventurous new friends can make future

travels even more exciting! Whether by organizing a group trip with the people you meet, or having a place to stay when you’re in someone’s hometown, meeting new friends through hostels is a gift that keeps on giving.

With that being said, while the desire for luxury and privacy are completely understandable, we hope you might reconsider staying in a hostel throughout your travels to fully experience the wellspring of opportunities they offer!

By: Briahna McTigue

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