Fall Activities for the Entire Family

Welcome, fall! Whether you’re already missing summer, or you’ve already grabbed your first pumpkin spice latte of the season, one thing is certain: fall is officially here! A new season means a whole new slew of activities and fall is infamous for some pretty great ones like apple picking and pumpkin carving. Check out our favourite fall activities for the entire family!

Fall Activities for the Entire Family

Go apple picking

What better way to welcome fall than by going to the apple orchard? Apples are the perfect transitional fall fruit (at least in my house!) Fun for the whole family, apple picking is a great early fall activity. Some orchards also have a petting zoo if you want to make it a full-day outing!


It’s pie season baby! With those fresh apples you picked, you’re pretty much obligated to make apple pie (or apple crumb, apple turnovers, apple muffins…you get the idea!) There’s no better smell in the kitchen than apples in the oven — I can smell the goodness just writing this!

Have a fall photoshoot

We can all agree that fall is the prettiest season, am I right?! Why not take full advantage of the beautiful scenery and get some photos taken with the family? Whether you hire a professional or get out there with your phone and tripod, you’ll probably get some great shots.

Make leaf crafts

If you have younger kids, have them choose a handful of their favourite leaves for some creative leaf crafts, such as this marbled paper fall leaf tutorial using shaving cream and some paint. It’s messy, it’s fun, and it’s everything kids want!

Pumpkin carving

If there’s anything that’s a must-do activity for fall, it’s pumpkin carving! The design possibilities are endless and it’s great fun for everyone. Everyone can make different elements of a common theme (such as a haunted house), or go ahead and make a competition out of it. The winner chooses that night’s movie! 

Roast pumpkin seeds

After you’ve carved out all those seeds from your pumpkins, don’t throw away the goopy seeds! These make a great healthy, crunchy snack, which can be sweet or savoury depending on your seasoning. Team #nowaste!

Make chilli

Other than apple pie, I think chilli is the most iconic meal! Warm, spicy and hearty — the perfect fall comfort food! Everyone’s got their own special recipe, which could be a great time to pass down to your children (if they’re old enough).

Scenic drive to see the fall colours

Thankfully, we live in a country with an abundance of trees! This means we’ve got plenty of fall foliage at our fingertips when the leaves start to change colours. Make sure you go late enough in the season to see the mix of red, orange and yellow leaves!

Nature walk/hike

Another way to check out the fall foliage (and get your exercise in), is to go for a hike. Take in that crisp air and admire those beautiful leaves. The best part about fall hiking? Lower temperatures and no mosquitoes! 

Backyard camping

If it’s not too chilly, turn your backyard into a campground! It can be difficult to get away (not to mention expensive), but this is a super fun way to feel like you’re getting out of the house while having some great family bonding. Memories to last a lifetime! 

Rake the leaves (and jump in them!)

Why not turn a chore into a family-friendly activity? While the adults rake the leaves into piles, make sure to make some huge ones for the kids to jump into them! Such a simple pleasure (kind of like jumping in rain puddles), but oh so fun — even for the adults! 

Have a movie marathon

With the cooler weather in full swing, sometimes we just want to cozy up under a blanket with a fall candle burning and our favourite movies! The best way to get into the Halloween spirit? A scary movie marathon!

Fall Activities for the Entire Family

Written by: Sacha Vincent-Toskin

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