Fall Date Ideas

Fall is one of the most romantic seasons of all! The leaves change colours, cooler temperatures for cozying up, fun cocktails to try and endless activities to do together before the snow comes. If you’re looking for a fun first date activity, or simply looking to change up your routine with your existing partner, keep reading for some fall date ideas!

Have a game night 

This is a fun one whether it’s a new partner or a longtime one. You can go to a game bar for a variety of games, grab a drink and play away! This is a great way to get to know someone — you’ll see their style of play, sense of competition and if they’re a good sport. Besides, if you don’t have that much to talk about, at least you skip the awkward silence by having a game to focus on!

Fall Date Ideas

Visit a microbrewery

It’s probably too cold at this point for outdoor breweries, but there are plenty of indoor tap rooms if you live close to a big city. It’s a chill place to spend an afternoon and trying new brews is a great way to get the conversation going! If there are no breweries in your area, you can always have a DIY cocktail night at home (see our previous blog post on spooky cocktails for inspo).  

Fall Date Ideas

Build a fort 

Bring out your inner child, gather all the blankets and cushions you can find and build a fort! It’s the perfect blend of fun, cozy and nostalgia to make you guys laugh and feel like kids again. Obviously, hanging out in this fort will be the best part — grab snacks and twinkle lights and you’ve got yourself a party! 

Fall Date Ideas

Drive-in movie theatre

Is there anything more romantic than a movie under the stars? With cozy blankets and concession stand snacks, this sounds like the perfect fall evening. I would recommend choosing a night that’s not too cold so you can get away with leaving the heat off, but hey, it’s a great excuse to cuddle up!

Fall Date Ideas

Go to a corn maze

Some corn mazes will close to the public after Halloween, but they’re a super cool fall activity. They can be cute and picturesque or incredibly creepy, depending on your vibe! Hopefully, it’s a mix of the two, as you’ll be able to show off your navigation skills through the maze, and sneak some kisses among the rows!

Fall Date Ideas

Wine and paint night

These have been around for a while now, but personally, I find they’re a great way to laugh and connect with your partner! Getting creative and artistic may be something neither of you does (depending on your careers of course), and it’s fun to see what you both come up with. Put one of you in charge of picking up the supplies (acrylic paint, canvas panels, paintbrushes, and aprons) and the other can supply the vino (or non-alcoholic sparkling cider). Have fun!

Fall Date Ideas

Go thrift shopping

It’s like regular shopping, but sustainable! If you and your partner live together, this is a fun way to reward yourselves after you’ve done your annual fall closet clean up! And if you don’t — well it’s always fun to peruse the aisles looking for that perfect fit. You can hit local thrift shops or venture out to consignment shops in neighbouring cities for the ultimate thrifting adventure!

Fall Date Ideas

Explore local festivals

If you feel like going out and walking around, check out what’s going on in your area! This could be a local market, a museum exhibit, a tour of the botanical gardens, or a food festival — the list is endless! All it takes is some Google searching, a shared interest, and a whole lot of walking around. 

Fall Date Ideas

Written by: Sacha Vincent-Toskin

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