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Tips for Packing for a Music Festival

There’s no better way to listen to music than at an outdoor festival. The energy of the crowd, festival grounds atmosphere and seeing your favourite artists live is an ideal combination. There are so many popular music festivals held around the world, whether you’re choosing to go to Coachella in California or Glastonbury in England, attending a music festival can become a trip in itself. If you are grabbing some tickets to enjoy live music, we’re here to help you with packing. As always, we recommend referring to your festival’s rules and restrictions as some concert grounds have limitations on what you can bring inside. Here are Justfly’s tips for packing for a music festival.

Fanny Pack

Once an essential accessory for a ‘tacky tourist’ costume, fanny packs have made a comeback and are now a stylish and convenient way to carry your personal belongings. Large enough to hold crucial items such as your phone and wallet, these portable bags keep your hands free and your items close by. These are perfect for a music festival where bag sizes can be restricted and they don’t take up much space when standing in the crowd. Fanny packs also serve as a great way to avoid theft by keeping your bag close to your body. Take a visit to your local thrift store or a relative’s closet and I’m sure you’ll find the perfect pack!

packing for a music festival

Comfortable Shoes

Attending a music festival can be a long day on your feet. Standing in crowds, dancing to the music and moving between stages if it is a large event can be tiring on the body. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes so you can be focused on the music and not the pain in your soles. Closed toe shoes are also a strong footwear choice to keep your toes protected from being stepped on in the crowd and any mud or dust that can occur with unpredictable weather conditions. The more secure and comfortable you feel in your shoes, the more dancing and movement you can endure!

Light Jacket or Rain Poncho

Depending on where the festival is being held, the weather can change drastically throughout the day or can be difficult to forecast leading up to the event. Since most festivals run into the night, the evening can start to get chilly once the sun goes down and you may want to layer up with a light jacket. Try and bring one that isn’t too heavy to carry around during the day but will give you some extra warmth as the day progresses. Another factor to consider is rain, which shouldn’t dampen your experience! If you can pack a rain poncho to throw on in case of a downpour, you will be protected from getting too soaked and it shouldn’t take up much space.

Bandaids and Antiseptic

You never know what might happen when you are outside dancing and enjoying music all day and it’s a great idea to keep a minimal first aid kit handy. Bandaids in case of any cuts or blisters are easy to bring and will be extremely helpful if needed. Along with bandaids, some antiseptic or hand sanitizer is very beneficial to have around in case of any scrapes that need cleaning or hands to wash on the go when out in the crowd. Hopefully you will not have to use any of these items too frequently, but you will be glad to have them in case of an injury!

Getting ready for a music festival is an exciting time and this list offers just a few ideas for what to bring if you are attending one in the near future. You want to be able to enjoy your time and not be stressed or worried during the day if you are missing anything. So pack your bags and plan out the artists you want to see to make the most of your outdoor concert experience!

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