Tips For Your First Solo trip

Embarking on a solo trip can be both an exciting but nerve-wracking decision. The comfort of travelling with someone else is reassuring, however, there are many positives to exploring the world alone! You’ll probably be more open to meeting new people, choosing activities and places that you really want to go to and it’s a great opportunity to learn more about yourself and grow as an individual. While all of these may sound like the perfect time and you may be considering planning a trip on your own, there are some considerations to keep in mind for both safety and logistics. So if you’re thinking of heading out on an exciting solo adventure, here are some tips for your first solo trip!

Plan Ahead

Make sure to do your research on the destination and plan a general itinerary before you head out on your trip. It’s important to be aware of any cultural customs, methods of transportation and safety considerations so you are not caught off guard by any unexpected surprises once you’re there. Having a general plan will help you feel more in control and less worried about what to expect when you arrive.

Consider Your Accommodations

Choosing where to stay may have a huge impact on your overall solo travel experience. If you are looking to meet other travellers and have plenty of group activities, look into booking a hostel and you definitely won’t feel alone! If you’re looking more for privacy and security, try finding a rental apartment or hotel. Try to read a few reviews before settling on your place to see if the spot fits your vibe and the pros and cons of others who have stayed before you. 

tips for your first solo trip

Keep in Touch

While you’re away, try and connect with your family or friends back home so they can be in the loop of where you are. With so many options to be online through WiFi, international SIM cards and social media, make sure someone is aware of your travel plans if you are moving between different locations. Besides keeping your loved ones up to date with your whereabouts, the occasional call back home will help if you ever start to feel lonely!

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

When travelling in a group, having an extra set of eyes on what’s going on around you can be helpful. Make sure you keep your belongings close, especially in large crowds and pay attention to your surroundings. When in heavy tourist areas, pickpocketing can be common so try and have all valuables inaccessible for extra security. This can also apply when using public transport. If you ever feel uneasy try to remove yourself from the situation and find an alternative way, either by taking the next bus or subway, or calling a cab.

Make Friends Safely

When you begin your adventure, you may be keen to make friends with as many people as possible to avoid feeling alone. However, you should always keep somewhat of a guard up as you meet others and start to get to know each other. Consider meeting them in public spaces at the beginning and getting to know their character. If you’re struggling to meet others, try joining group tours or activities or see if your hostel or hotel is hosting any events. There will surely be plenty of other solo travellers out there also looking for friends!

tips for your first solo trip

Traveling alone is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to really push yourself outside of your comfort zone and you’ll definitely grow as an individual. By planning ahead, staying in contact and trusting your instincts, you’ll realize the biggest obstacle is sometimes just deciding to take the trip. Unforgettable memories are guaranteed, so start thinking of where you want to go!

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