Travel Destinations for Your Zodiac Sign

Just like travel destinations, each zodiac sign has its own characteristics and claim to fame. If you need inspiration to plan a trip that is suited to your personal traits, here are some suggestions. Your next best vacation may be written in the stars!

Aries – Grand Canyon, Arizona

Aries love a new challenge and they are always looking for their next bold adventure. So why not consider visiting a place that is named for just that, the Grand Canyon? A trip to Arizona can be filled with hikes, helicopter rides over the canyon and fiery desert sunsets, perfect for this fire sign. 

Taurus – Tuscany, Italy

A star sign that lives for luxury, Taurus should treat themselves to a glamorous trip to Tuscany. Walking through the vineyards, a delicious plate of pasta or riding along on a Vespa would make the perfect relaxing trip. A vacation with no chaos and simply having comfort with the finest things would be music to Taurus’ ears. 

Gemini – Budapest, Hungary

Geminis are known for having many interests and are looking for a balance between excitement and calm. A destination that would please them most would be one which allows them to stimulate their minds while also having fun. So where can they go and do it all? The answer is Budapest! A city with natural beauty and history, along with a lively nightlife will please the socialite Geminis during the day and night.

Cancer – Santorini, Greece

Cancers are represented by the crab so it’s only natural this water sign feels most at peace near oceans, lakes and rivers. Thinking outside the box of a traditional Caribbean vacation, why not explore the dreamy blue rooftops and stunning beaches of Santorini? With the contrast between the white buildings, blue sky and ocean, this Greek island is a perfect oasis. Cancers are also very in touch with their emotions and enjoy taking time for rest and relaxation. A few days at the beach followed by a nice meal on a patio would be their perfect setting. 

Leo – Los Angeles, California

Leos are confident and ambitious and are known to never shy away from the limelight. Where else can you find drama and charisma than Los Angeles? The sunny weather, luxury and energetic atmosphere of the city is perfect for a Leo. When they see the bright lights and the names of the stars, there’s no doubt they believe they belong there as well!

Virgo – Copenhagen, Denmark

Beautiful Copenhagen, an extremely clean city with modern architecture would be a Virgo’s dream. As a methodical and practical star sign, they will appreciate the well-designed urban spaces and order of this Scandinavian gem. Whether you go in the summer months offering long days or during the cozy winter where you can take full advantage of the Danish “hygge”, this city has it all.

Libra – Paris, France

Charming, beautiful and social are all traits of a Libra and these are also a great way to define the lovely city of Paris. Romantic and sophisticated, the city of love would be a great destination for Libras to enjoy fine dining, shopping and museums. The fashion and class of the city is sure to be a huge hit!

Scorpio – Cape Town, South Africa

With a need to explore and a love for water, Scorpios will need a destination that incorporates both. Cape Town is a great destination to consider choosing to do it all. Hiking up Table Mountain, kayaking or surfing in the ocean and Lion’s Head summit are all thrilling activities a Scorpio can enjoy. This is a great time to show everyone how brave and determined they really are!

Sagittarius – Tokyo, Japan

An open mind and free spirit make Sagittarius a lover of travel. They want to go somewhere new and exciting and are always wanting an adventure. The amazing city of Tokyo is a place that will let them experience new and exciting technology and cuisines. Japanese art and culture, cherry blossoms and a chaotic yet calm city make this capital a perfect destination for a Sagittarius.

Capricorn – Beijing, China

Known for their hard work and ambition, Capricorns are worthy of a good travel break. However, with their drive to overachieve and succeed, they will want nothing short of a unique place for their next trip. A visit to Beijing will offer history and culture, with the possibility to visit incredible sights such as the Great Wall. The eager planner in Capricorn will thrive as many sites require booking in advance, so get started on that perfect itinerary!

Aquarius – Istanbul, Turkey

For Aquarius, an ideal travel spot is one that will stimulate their mind with museums, history and culture. Istanbul will be a great spot for them! With grand and majestic mosques, bustling markets and a rich culture, this diverse city has so much to offer. With plenty of food choices and many attractions, this vibrant city cannot be missed!

Pisces – Tamarindo, Costa Rica

With a strong connection to water and a need for spiritual peace, Pisces should consider travelling to Costa Rica for their next trip. Tamarindo, a town on the North Pacific side of the country, has beautiful beaches for surfing, swimming or fishing and the golden sand cannot be beaten. If you choose to leave the beach, the nearby National Parks give you a chance to walk beneath a canopy of trees. The country’s saying, ‘Pura Vida’, translating to ‘Pure Life’ in English, is an atmosphere perfect for Pisces!

If you are someone who relates strongly to their star sign, this is a fun way to find inspiration for your next travel plans. All of these places would make a great trip, so no matter if you are fire, air, earth or water sign everyone is sure to have a fabulous time!

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