How to Book the Best Seat When Flying

Flying can seem like a tiring activity for many, but if you try and make the best of your flight it can be both relaxing and enjoyable! Having some time to disconnect from the world with the option to maybe watch a movie, read a book, or catch some z’s can be valuable before you land. Here are some helpful tips for how to book the best seat when flying.

First, you must know how to interpret the map of the plane. The front sections are typically for first-class or business tickets, and the sections that follow will be open to regular fare tickets. Seats at the beginning of the back sections tend to have more leg room but a premium fee may accompany that seat if you wish to choose it. Additionally, seats by the emergency exits may also have extra space if you have that as a possibility and feel comfortable in that row. 

how to book the best seat when flying

Next, consider looking at where the washrooms are located. If you are someone who frequently needs to use the restroom, it may be best to choose a seat closer to the toilet. If you are planning to try and get as much sleep as possible on the flight, maybe avoid that area as it will be a heavy traffic zone while in flight.

Now, let’s choose where on the plane you want to be sitting. Whether you pick a spot towards the front, back or over the wings will each have its perks. 

If you sit towards the front of the plane, you will typically receive your meals or beverages first as the distribution starts from the front and moves back. This is great if you are taking a long flight and want to sleep right after your meal, you’ll be the first served and then can go on enjoying your flight without being disturbed. Another positive is that you’ll be one of the first off the plane as well, which is extremely helpful if you will be rushing off to a connecting flight. 

Sitting in the middle, near the wings of the plane tends to be the quietest area, with reduced noise from other passengers and background engine noise. Bathrooms, where people tend to congregate, are often found either at the front or back of the cabin, so by being in the middle, you will have less of a chance of fellow passengers crowding around your seat. In regards to the jets, the sound from the plane will move backwards as you fly so being in front of the wings will reduce any outside noise. 

Finally, if you are considering a row in the back, this can be a great choice for both noise and space. The rows in the back tend to have fewer people, which if you are not on a full flight, means you may have more room to spread out and fewer disruptions from neighbours. As well, you might have closer access to the washroom which is convenient if you are on a long flight!

Once you have scoped out the overall plan of the plane, it is time to narrow down your perfect spot. Starting with the classic debate – do you choose a window or aisle seat? Both options have pros and cons, it depends on what you need! 

The window seat tends to be quieter as you won’t have people walking up and down the aisle past you and you get to have great views while above the clouds. However, keep in mind the time you will be in the air. If you will be doing an overnight flight there may not be much to see and the window shade may just end up staying closed throughout your flight. 

In an aisle seat, you tend to have more legroom since you can stretch out into the aisle when nobody is passing and you have immediate access to get up if needed. The downside is that people may bump you as they walk by and you will need to get up if your neighbour needs to get through. 

How to Book the Best Seat When Flying

There is no definitive right answer as to which you should choose, but consider which choice will make you feel most comfortable!

As you can see, every seat has its perks and what is perfect for you, may not be the case for your fellow traveller. So the next time you book a flight and have the chance to pick where you’ll sit, take a few moments to consider these recommendations and hopefully this will make your next flight more enjoyable!

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