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  • Exploring a Hidden Gem of San Diego: Point Loma
    When it comes to California’s vibrant coastal cities, San Diego often steals the spotlight. Renowned for its stunning beaches, vibrant culture, and iconic attractions, this sun-soaked city has long been a popular destination for travellers worldwide. However, amid the well-known tourist spots, […]
  • City Spotlight: Lisbon
    It’s easy to understand why Lisbon has become one of Europe’s top holiday destinations. A city with culture, activity and a vibrant food and nightlife scene, you are sure to fall in love with the Portuguese capital. Lisbon is divided into several […]
  • In Flight Skin Care Routine
    There’s no doubt that keeping up with your regular skin care routine can be difficult while traveling. Whether you can only pack travel size liquids or will be in the air for a long period of time, you may be worried about […]
  • Top Destinations to See the Northern Lights
    Witnessing the Northern Lights is a travel bucket list item for many. The bright colours flashing through the sky are a magical experience for anyone who is lucky enough to see them. These lights, also known as the aurora borealis, are best […]
  • Justfly’s Favorite Tech Gadgets for Traveling
    With all the recent advances in technology and devices becoming more compact, it is now easier than ever to take the gadgets you need with you on your next adventure. The ability to stay connected, navigate foreign destinations and capture memories along […]
  • Justfly’s Guide to Southwest National Parks
    If you’re looking to plan a trip where natural beauty and desert landscapes make you feel like you’re on another planet, then the American Southwest is your next destination. A road trip is a perfect way to experience everything these parks have […]
  • Best Destinations to Take a Cooking Class
    Cooking classes have become increasingly popular over the years as travelers are seeking unique and immersive experiences during their trips. Whether you’re a seasoned cook or a beginner, taking a cooking class abroad is a fun and delicious way to explore a […]
  • The Best Destinations for Solo Female Travelers
    Solo female travel has become increasingly popular in recent years, and there are many destinations to choose from across the globe. Whether you’re looking for cultural experiences, adventure, or just a relaxing getaway, here are some of our favourite destinations for solo […]
  • The Best Spring Break Destinations for Students
    Spring Break is the perfect time for students to escape the daily routine and take a break from their studies. With the opportunity to travel and explore new destinations, students can rejuvenate their minds and bodies while making unforgettable memories. Here are […]
  • Sugar Shack Season
    As the winter months draw to a close and the snow begins to melt, it’s time to embrace the Canadian tradition of sugar shack season. A sugar shack, also known as a cabane à sucre, is a traditional maple syrup production facility […]
  • The Best Breakfasts to Start your Work Day
    No matter your level of experience in the kitchen, finding new recipes to spice up your morning routine can be a challenge…especially in a time crunch before you start the work day. If you find yourself growing tired of starting each day […]
  • Tips for Working from Home
    Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have adapted to allow employees to work from home. Some even encourage it, and have downsized office spaces. While working from home can help us cut back on our gas budget and travel […]
  • Creative DIY Holiday Decor Ideas
    ‘Tis the season everyone! Now that Halloween and Thanksgiving have passed, it is time to get in the holiday spirit! I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like the time leading up to Christmas is actually so much more fun […]
  • Podcasts for your Commute to Work
    How many of you have recently had to start driving back into the office these days? Jumping on that “hybrid” work model? Or maybe you never stopped going to the office depending on your field. Or maybe you’re stuck on public transportation […]
  • Best European Holiday Destinations
    A lot of us dream of traveling to Europe in the summer months — the beautiful sunsets, clear blue waters and historic landmarks. How about exploring some of these same places in the winter? Let’s say…around Christmas time? Europe has some of […]
  • Hosting a Stress-free Thanksgiving
    Thanksgiving — the first holiday of the fall season! Honestly, hosting Thanksgiving dinner can feel like quite the feat, especially when whatever you make will likely be compared to legendary family recipes. Don’t freak out, the key to hosting Thanksgiving dinner is […]
  • Fall Date Ideas
    Fall is one of the most romantic seasons of all! The leaves change colours, cooler temperatures for cozying up, fun cocktails to try and endless activities to do together before the snow comes. If you’re looking for a fun first date activity, […]
  • Best Cities to Visit if you Love Halloween
    Everyone seems to be a fan of the fall season — the beautiful foliage, the cool weather, pumpkin spice lattes and most notably, my favorite holiday, Halloween! The decorations, the small-town feels, the scary costumes…it’s all so fun. Halloween isn’t just for […]
  • Cocktails for Spooky Season
    We firmly believe that there is no wrong way to celebrate Halloween! Whether you’re out on the town, dressed up at a house party, giving out candy, or watching scary movies at home, it’s impossible to not get swept up in the […]
  • Top Five Destinations to Admire Fall Colors
    While it is not uncommon to schedule trips around the changing seasons, the summer sun and winter snow usually inspire the most travel. However, with a decrease in tourism and prices, fall can also be a beautiful time to explore a new […]