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  • How to Conquer Jet Lag
    Ah jet lag, that pesky concern that annoys even the most seasoned traveler. Arriving at your destination tired, groggy and disoriented are ideally not the feelings you want to experience at the start of a trip. There are quite a few tips … Read more
  • Justfly’s Guide to Destination Weddings
    These days, many couples are considering tying the knot abroad, opting for a destination wedding to celebrate with their guests in a truly unforgettable way. Depending on how you envision your day, there are endless possibilities for locations. Whether it be on … Read more
  • Travel to Northern Ireland
    Discover a destination filled with history and natural beauty! When you travel to Northern Ireland, you’ll find a combination of city and coastal landscapes, this wonderful place has plenty of attractions for all types of travellers. Here are some must-do’s and recommendations … Read more
  • Tips For Your First Solo trip
    Embarking on a solo trip can be both an exciting but nerve-wracking decision. The comfort of travelling with someone else is reassuring, however, there are many positives to exploring the world alone! You’ll probably be more open to meeting new people, choosing … Read more
  • Finding Inner Peace Abroad: The Best Destinations for a Yoga Retreat
    In a world bustling with activity, stress, and constant connectivity, the quest for inner peace has never been more essential. What better way to achieve this than by embarking on a rejuvenating journey to a yoga retreat? We’ve got you covered if … Read more
  • East Coast Fall Vacations
    Everyone is familiar with an East Coast summer; long walks on the beach, lobster rolls and soaking up the sunny days. But have you considered an East Coast fall? Imagine the vibrant colours of the leaves as you sip on a warm … Read more
  • Planning an International Dinner Party
    Hosting a dinner party is a fun way to spend time catching up with friends, all while enjoying delicious food and drinks. Why not add an international element to your next evening? Planning an international dinner party will take your guests on … Read more
  • Travelling Back to School
    The end of summer is slowly approaching and no matter how much students may wish for an endless vacation, eventually it will be time to go back to school. If you’re heading off to university, starting a semester abroad or moving before … Read more
  • Barbie-Inspired Travel: Part 2
    Our Barbie-Inspired Travel article was such a hit we decided to give you a part two! Here are some more great destinations to consider if you want to feel like you’re living in Barbie’s world! Embrace the glamour and beauty of all … Read more
  • Tips for Traveling With Kids
    With school over and summer vacation in full swing, you may be considering a family getaway. Whether your kiddos are frequent flyers or this is their first time away, traveling with children involves a bit more planning. Here are some tips for … Read more
  • Barbie-Inspired Travel: A Pink-Tastic Journey To Enchanting Destinations
    Embark on a whimsical adventure that seamlessly combines nostalgia and wanderlust. Welcome to the world of Barbie-inspired travel, where the iconic doll’s glamorous escapades come to life, turning your journey into a fairy tale of vibrant colors, luxurious experiences, and boundless imagination. … Read more
  • Summer Bucket List
    Sunny days, spending time outside and being with friends and family are some of the best parts of the season. There may be a lot of things you want to do and you might not know where to start. So why not … Read more
  • Road Trip Safety
    The freedom, flexibility and adventure of a road trip makes this a great way to explore new places. Packing up the car and putting on a great playlist with the windows down sounds like a great time. However, like any trip, you … Read more
  • Tips for Learning a New Language
    Before a trip to a foreign country, you may want to consider brushing up on the language used where you are going. This will help you to feel more comfortable with your surroundings when you arrive and will be appreciated if you … Read more
  • A Weekend in Boston
    Easily accessible by plane, train or automobile, Boston should be a top pick if you are looking to plan a weekend trip on the East Coast. A city filled with history and charm, the Massachusetts capital also offers a rich arts and … Read more
  • Come Along for an Alaskan Cruise
    If you are seeking a one-of-a-kind adventure with majestic views, an Alaskan cruise is a perfect experience to consider. Cruising the breathtaking fjords and looking at glaciers is an incredible voyage. With different port stops and all the onboard activities a cruise … Read more
  • Refreshing Summer Cocktails
    If your summer plans involve lounging around the pool or hosting your friends and family for BBQs, there is nothing better to sip on than a cool and refreshing cocktail (or mocktail!). Inspired by travel and international flavours, here are a few … Read more
  • Best Travel Tips for a Remarkable 4th of July Weekend
    The 4th of July weekend is just around the corner, so why not embark on an unforgettable adventure. Whether you prefer a beach getaway, a historical exploration, or a vibrant city celebration, the United States offers an array of options to make … Read more
  • Tips for Packing for a Music Festival
    There’s no better way to listen to music than at an outdoor festival. The energy of the crowd, festival grounds atmosphere and seeing your favourite artists live is an ideal combination. There are so many popular music festivals held around the world, … Read more
  • City Spotlight: Hanoi
    If you’re thinking of planning a trip to Southeast Asia, Vietnam should definitely be on your list. A beautiful country full of activity, majestic landscapes and delicious food, there is something to please every traveler. There are many amazing cities to visit … Read more